Manufacture: A&D

Product Features:

  • IP-65/NEMA4 Compliant The GP Balance is protected from dust and spills up to IP-65/NEMA4 levels.
  • GLP/GMP/ISO Compliant Allows GLP or LIMS balance management by outputting the Balance ID number and data used to calibrate the balance. The data can be output to A&D’s AD-8121 printer or a PC, indicating date, time, Balance ID number, serial number and calibration data.
  •  Standard RS-232C Interface Bi-directional communication with a PC or connect directly to a printer
  •  ID Number The balance ID number can be set. It is used to identify the balance when GLP is used. The ID number is memorized and maintained once it is fixed, even if the AC adaptor is removed.
  • Density determination GP is equipped with a density determination mode, which is accessible after changing the internal parameter settings. Once the object’s weight in the air, in the liquid and the liquid density are input, the solid density is calculated.
  • HI, OK, LO Indicator When the MODE key is pressed, the display is refreshed and the indicator changes from from HI to HI.
  • Accumulation of weighing results GP can accumulate, then display and output the weighing results.
  • Internal Calibration GP has a built-in 300g internal calibration mass. The internal mass is adjusted to an OIML F1 class level using a standard balance calibrated with an OIML E2 class level mass.
  • Display Auto Power OFF Display turns off after 10 minutes of inactivity (this feature can be turned off when desired).
  • Auto Power ON Without pressing ON/OFF key, plug it in and the balance will turn itself ON, once the internal setting is set
  • Data Memory Standard Time & Date Function complies with GLP and Interval Weighing in the Data Memory function. The data memory can be formatted for: 200 sets of weighing data
  • 200 sets of weighing data
  • 100 sets of weighing data with Time & Date
  • 20 sets of Tare values
  • 50 sets of GLP data-Time & Date, Calibration Data, ID Number and Serial number
  • 50 sets of Unit Weight for Counting mode
  • 20 sets of comparator Upper & Lower Limits
  • Time & Date Standard Time & Date Function complies with GLP and Interval Weighing in the Data Memory function.
  • Auto Self Checking Automatically checks itself when setting the Automatic Adjustment Environment.
  • Optional Underhook Ideal for density determination and weighing magnetic substances
  • Interval Time Setting Weighing intervals of 2, 5, 10, 30 seconds and 1, 2, 5, 10 minutes using the Data Memory Function.
  • Auto Re-Zero Re-Zeros automatically after data output
  • Large Stainless Steel Weighing Pan
    384mm x 344mm for GP12K/20K/22K/30K/30KS/40K
    386mm x 346mm for GP60K/100K/100KS/102K
  • Multiple Weighing Units & Programmable Unit Uses programmable or standard units of measure (g, kg, lb, ct, dwt, OZt, mm, TL, Ms, t and DS)
  • Smart Range
  • For more accurate weighing, Smart Range function is provided for the GP22K (6.1kg x 0.1g/21kg x 1g)
    and GP-102K (61kg x 1g/101kg x 10g).
  • Win CT  provides easy transmission of weighing data from A&D balances to a PC using an RS-232C interface (standard equipment).